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Complete Nixon Tapes Recorded between November 1972 and July 1973 Can Be Heard Online for the First Time

967.5 Hours Originally Released By the National Archives between 2007 and 2013

For the first time, the complete set of publicly released conversations taped between November 1972 and July 1973--over seven thousand individual audio files--are freely available to the public. Representing the fifth chronological release of Nixon tapes ("Chron 5"), the recorded conversations took place across the Executive offices, including the Oval Office, the Executive Office Building, and various White House telephones. 

These audio files were originally released by the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, California and College Park, Maryland, a unit of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), between 2007 and 2013. At the time of the creation of this page the complete digitized collection, including te Cabinet Room tapes, is not available anywhere else outside of the reading room at the Nixon Presidential Library.

When these tapes were originally relased, issued an update to note the details of each sub-release. These have been reproduced here for posterity. These sub-releases compose the entirety of Chron 5:

-Chronological Release 5.1: 11.5 hours of tapes released by the National Archives on July 7, 2007; recordings were made during November 1972
-Chronological Release 5.2: 198 hours of tapes released by the National Archives on December 2, 2008; recordings were made between November 1972 and January 1973
-Chronological Release 5.3: 154 hours of tapes released by the National Archives on June 23, 2009; recordings were made between January 1973 and February 1973
-Chronological Release 5.4: 265 hours of tapes released by the National Archives on December 9, 2010; recordings were made between February 1973 and March 1973
-Chronological Release 5.5: 339 hours of tapes released by the National Archives on August 21, 2013; recordings were made between April 1973 and July 1973

Below is a complete list of all Chron 5 tapes, including 1) the conversation number, 2) the date of the conversation, 3) the time of the conversation, 4) the participants in the conversation, 5) and the original audio file available for download, free of charge, as a service to researchers and the public. While it will be years more before scholars and researchers transcribe these recordings, this release marks the first time that the complete collection has been made readily accessible to the public.

Note: unlike previous chronological releases (Chrons 1-3), which were blocks of audio that each contained many conversations, these conversations are already individually clipped. This is the same format in which they were originally released by the National Archives. When broken out into individual conversations, this release is too large to appear all on page. Therefore, it has been broken up according to taping location, as indicated below.

For a key to participants' names, click here (176k).

Also of interest may be the President's Daily Diary, for:
November 1-30, 1972 (5.2m)
December 1-31, 1972 (5.3m)
January 1-31, 1973 (5.2m)
February 1-28, 1973 (6.2m)
March 1-31, 1973 (8.2m)
April 1-30, 1973 (6.0m)
May 1-31, 1973 (7.4m)
June 1-30, 1973 (6.7m)
July 1-12, 1973 (4.5m)
To continue, please select a Chron 5 subseries from one of the following taping locations:
White House Telephone Conversations (WHT): November 3, 1972 - July 12, 1973 (link TBD)
Camp David Study Table (CDST): November 19, 1972 - June 21, 1973 (link TBD)
Camp David Study Desk (CDSD): November 14, 1972 - February 2, 1973 (link TBD)
Camp David Hard Wire (CDHW): November 13, 1972 - March 4, 1973 (link TBD)
Executive Office Building (EOB): November 8, 1972 - July 11, 1973 (link TBD)
Oval Office (OVAL): November 8, 1972 - July 12, 1973 (link TBD)



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