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Between February 1971 and July 1973, President Richard Nixon secretly recorded 3,700 hours of his phone calls and meetings across the executive offices. These recordings played a leading role in the resignation of our 37th president on August 9, 1974. They remain perhaps the greatest treasure of information ever left by a president, as well as the most complex, controversial set of presidential records in U.S. history. However, today these recordings remain relatively unexplored on non-Watergate topics. is the only website dedicated solely to the scholarly production and dissemination of digitized Nixon tape audio and transcripts. We have the most complete digitized Nixon tape collection in existence -- approximately 3,000 hours spread over 6 terabytes of hard drives and cloud storage that contain more than 10,000 audio files. This is the only website in the world that makes the complete collection of Nixon tapes available directly to the public in a user-friendly format as a public service. More >>
George H.W. Bush: "I am pleased that you have found no record of his having made unpleasant comments about me."
Richard Cheney: "I look forward to your book [The Nixon Tapes: 1971-1972] coming out."
Charles W. Colson: "I'm thrilled that people have been driven to your website."
John W. Dean III: "I am delighted to discover the good work you are doing."
Alexander M. Haig, Jr.: "I am glad to see that someone who appreciates their value has taken the time to protect the integrity of these tapes and to proffer them to anyone with an interest to listen."
Marvin Kalb: "The KING of the tapes!"
John Kerry: "Best wishes."
Henry A. Kissinger: "I deeply respect the work that you do."
G. Gordon Liddy: "You have my complete support and confidence."
Edward Nixon: "We need your wisdom!"
Nancy Reagan: "Listening to the recordings was a nice walk down memory lane for me, but they are of historical importance, too."
Donald H. Rumsfeld: "I remember well how surprised I was when I was told that he was taping meetings in the various locations where he spent time."
William Safire: "I listened raptly to the recordings of 24 of my telephone conversations with President Nixon that you were good enough to send. As a part-time historian, I was fascinated --- and am eager to hear more."
George P. Shultz: "Thank you very much for sending me the three CDs of my telephone conversations with President Nixon."
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